Medical Tourism Industry
Rank #14

Quality of Services
Rank #17

Rank #23


This massive South American nation with terrain encompassing glacial lakes, pampas grassland and the Andes Mountains, has a population of more than 41 million people living in the 8th largest destination in the world and 2nd in Latin America, when measured by land. Considered a developing destination, the Argentina and its economy rely on the valuable natural resources, its agriculture and its manufacturing industry to maintain the high quality of life of its population. Although the service sector is the largest contributor to its GDP, Argentina’s economic performance has historically been unbalanced, especially with the way the governments have handled the economic policies in the last two decades. But with a brand new government in power, things might be in for a change, one that can help the nation be more competitive in the global economy.

Argentina is one of the most developed nations in South America. It has one of the best health systems in the world. This is due to huge government investment in the health sector for its people. Not only is their system properly funded and efficient, it is also of high quality. Visitors can expect top-notch care just like anywhere else in Western Europe.

One of the reasons the country is a favorite destination for tourists is that the country’s currency collapsed around the year 2012. They had pegged it to the dollar, which made it quite expensive to travel there. However, since its collapse services have become quite cheap for most visitors from the West. In addition, the country is one of the finest places to visit for tourism. It has a great culture coupled with a great landscape. The cuisine is also one of the finest in the world.

The healthcare infrastructure in Argentina is outstanding. Its private hospitals are extremely well staffed with doctors, and have the latest design and technological features. However, there is, according to many, a shortage of professional licensed nurses.
Argentina’s scores are average on the three main factors being compared by the Medical Tourism Index. The destination ranked 14th for its medical and tourism industry, 17th for the quality of the facilities and services and 23rd for the nation’s environment. Thanks to its new government, its lowest score factor might be changing in the near future, as it fights to open up to the world again with new economic policies and a currency opened to supply and demand forces.

But this gives the nation a cost advantage that paired with its attractiveness as a tourist destination, helps it be above average on the medical tourism factor score. Overall, Argentina is ranked 21st on the Medical Tourism Index, allowing the nation to develop a strategy that can help increase the inbound patients for this industry by working on certifying its healthcare facilities, training its medical staff and increasing the quality of care.

Argentina is a great place for those seeking cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures account for 33% of all visitors to the country. However, medical treatment also accounts for as huge chunk of treatments in the country. The government has begun a push to increase medical tourism in the country. Common areas of treatment are:

  • Weight Loss Procedures
  • Cosmetic Dental Surgery
  • Breast Implants
  • Heart surgery